Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Doing something

I've been on the fence for some time. I keep looking at things going on and trying to figure out where to start trying to make a difference. My wife and I already don't really waste too much. But we have made a decision to try to avoid the use of plastic bags. (Things like bread and purchases where the plastic bag is inside the box and not evident are an exception, but Sustainable Dave has some ideas about the bread issue. Perhaps if I can find a local bakery that is willing to work with us that might be a solution.)

In addition to that with our income tax refund I purchased a commuter bike. I haven't been the most faithful about riding it. It seems like I get going good then have some minor injury or an appointment immediately after work or some other what have you. But I'm determined to keep trying and I figure eventually it'll take hold and will become my primary means of getting to/from work. I started this google spreadsheet to keep track of the amount spent on it and the amount I'm saving in fuel costs. If I can make it to the point that I'm truly saving money I'll be pleased. I'd like to figure out the production impact of the bike so I can tell when I'm having a positive impact on the environment by having purchased the bike, but I'm not even sure where to start on that. Anyone have any ideas?

I also figured that if I put it out there where anyone can see my progress I'm more likely to stick to it. So lambaste me if I start to slack off again!


Dave said...

Thanks for the nod. Bakeries are definitely the way to go.

Great blog.



Lincoln Writer said...

What do others do in lieu of using the plastic bags for veggies -- you know, the ones you rip off the rolls in the produce section? Certainly for items like peppers, cukes, tomatoes, etc., I don't bother. But sometimes radishes and other greens are super soggy. And then there's lettuce. If anyone has suggestions, I'm interested.

I agree ... great blog!

Pirate Raven said...

Mrs. Roguelinks here...

Anytime we get one of those produce bags, we use it to bring home the veggies, and then we put it back into our reusable shopping bags. We've been using the same produce bags for a couple of months now.

I'm thinking of MAKING some small, washable produce bags, maybe out of some flour sack towels. I'm sure it will freak out the already disquieted clerks at our midwestern grocery store. My sister's a checker at a grocery store, I'll ask her how SHE would react.

And MAYBE when I get done with all that, I will just start making our bread all the time... I found a link to a recipe that looks really promising here:

Much Peace,
Lady Raven (aka, Mrs. Rogue)

Rogue said...

Dave's site has one solution to the produce problem. Another idea is maybe a lingerie bag. If you are crafty and have a mound of plastic bags like most of us you could try your hand at knitting a reusable bag out of the plastic bags and use that for produce. The list could go on and on. Let me know if you need more ideas.

Lincoln Writer said...

Not sure about the knitting, but I've seen bags woven out of gum wrappers ... so maybe I could weave some plastic bags together. I'm unemployed for the summer and looking for something to do with my free time!

Seriously, at least I need to remember to bring my plastic bags back to the store for reuse. Thanks!